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Laboratory Notebook 10-10-02

Unusual Event

Today - back to acoustics. Checking out various mics as to their performance against white noise.

I didn't check the mics against just white noise. I also checked white noise plus me speaking. I said in each case 'Sixty eight dbs of white noise.'

I then looked at the spectral response of each one as to its performance against white noise, and then again as to its performance with speech and white noise together.

And I did this both for the raw audio off the tape and into CoolEdit and also for the audio after noise reduction for the appropriate noise sample for each different case. So - there were about nine analyses in all - so that's where the time goes!

And now -what do I find - in the case of one Mic, my words are 'Sixty eight dbs - white noise.' And in the - space - there is another voice saying something like Hallo Rebecci or Hallo to Becky - something like that. It is on the upper track (stereo at 22kHz) of the sample below.

OK - I check the length of the track - it seems to have lengthened slightly.

I checked the spectra for my voice saying '68 dbs' and for the apparent intruder's voice saying 'Hallo Rebecci'.

The pictures are shown below. The upper one is my voice. Ignore the bump at around 50 Hz - which is supply line pick-up. You can see that the pitch of my voice - its glottal pulse rate - is around 120 or so. In the case of "the intruder" it is around 90 Hz.

I checked back on the original recording undoing the Noise-reduction. The intruder was not there.

So - this has happened during the use of the CoolEdit Noise Reduction system. Well - this is a serious business - were all those Alpha voices simply introduced by using CoolEdit?

You see there is a basic similarity between the accursed EVPMaker and CoolEdit Noise Reduction.

So, I checked it all out again. I undid the Noise Reduction using UNDO and then repeated what I had done. And then repeated that for each mic, and again using other NR settings and statistical samples - including using the reduction spectrum for one case on another case, and as well as the microphone results including the pure white noise recorded electrically rather than acoustically - but in NO CASE were there any additional voices.

Anyway - an Alpha recording would be packed with voices - not just an isolated intruder - and Alpha was producing voices long before the days of CoolEdit, remember.


So ... this was just an isolated "intrusive" voice - the Alpha results were genuine Alpha products after all - and things were back to "normal".

It's interesting, isnt it, that with exposure the paranormal eventually gets thought of as "normal"....



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