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Anomalous Speech Products

Anomalous - unusual, paranormal.

Speech - information conveyed by voice frequencies.

Product - something that has been produced.

Paranormal Voices Monitored by Skyetech

The following examples were recorded in May 2001 by a reconstructed Alpha 3.5. The design is 16 years old and it was all done in haste to be ready for the visits of BBC and CH4 TV. Development is now concentrtaed on the Alpha Interface System (AIS) Version 6.

One of the original Mk1 Alphas - from 1982. Six were made and sent out to 12 volunteers for "Beta testing"

Flash - results from the AIS v.6 in development

The new system under development is producing voices in profusion. Here are some samples, including - [would you believe!]- 'Call Heaven'.... Tell me the voice isn't angelic! In the first sample there are three voices,'Where is Janet?'(Scottish accent, middle class, says "Jennet" for "Janet"); second voice, louder, Strathclyde accent,'Where ARE you?'; third voice, seems synthesised, very quiet, 'Good morning'.


The second sample seems to be giving advice - but to whom is not known. 'Save some hassle and go off Crowdin'-howdin'/Brenda'. Anyone know what "crowdin'-howdin'might be? The accent seems to be Geordie or thereabouts.


The third sample may give some idea of the situation relative to the voices. As sometimes happens it is a bit rough - some of the boys seem to be in trouble. There are probably three voices. The first says slowly in what may be an Irish accent, 'We were banned'; the second may also be Irish and says perhaps bitterly, 'Shona an enemy'; there is then a bleep which is probably introduced by the AIS, which overlies anything that was said at that point, followed by a faint voice saying 'Group Seven'or possibly, 'Group's Heaven'.


The fourth sample is a female voice saying,'Call Heaven'.


The next sample is an Afro-tinged voice, 'He's your Brother'.


This sample has several utterances - the quality takes some getting used to, but note that none of the samples here have been touched-up to improve intelligibility - not enough time! The first voice says in a blurred drowsy way, 'How'dit happen'?'. The second voice says, 'Satan'. The next utterance - possibly the same speaker as the first one, says 'Tacking on a coffin', corrected to 'Tacking in a coffin', next, 'To that Happy Place' ending as 'Happy'. This example is included for the light it sheds on things, we should be grateful to the speakers whomever they are/were.


This one is not so nice,'Shot for Jack's King'. I cannot at this point suggest an explanation.


This sample also has several utterances - it is part of a longer sequence which is not included here, the first person an older lady says, 'Go to the ri-ver'. (She seems to be not an English native speaker). The next speaker seems younger and just mumbles 'Wha'?' or Huh?'. Another lady replies more quickly, 'Go to the river of light'. I like this, it reminds of the poem, Kilmeny, by James Hogg (quoted at greater length in my book, "Access Another Universe'), as Hogg put it,


'A land of love, and a land of light,


Withouten sun or moon or night,


Where the river swa'd a living stream,


And the light a pure celestial beam;


The land of vision it would seem,


A still, an everlasting dream.'


This sample has just two utterances. In the first a lady says, 'I am very pious in your piety'. This is followed by a lady speaking (TBC) in French and saying, "The Little Child" - 'La Petite Enfant'.


This is an example of a synthesised voice - it says in a very long-drawn out way, 'A small speech'.



Listen to some ASP produced by the Alpha Mk 3.5.

Click on the underlined letters below

(Allow up to 90 seconds for the file to download)

'Take him' or 'Taken'

The voice is quick and insistent, slightly accented, slightly sinister


'Hallo Dollies - (whistle)'

 (Possibly Spanish pronunciation of 'Dollies')




 'Wish I could find it' - 'I prefer to drink'

(The first voice is mine, I was a little stressed at that point, trying to find something, the second voice is ASP)


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