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MacRae Electronics





Anomalous Speech Products

Monitored by MacRae Electronics

(ASP is roughly the equivalent of EVP or ITC accessed through the Alpha).


A few more examples produced in May 2001 by a reconstructed Alpha Mk3.5. It was all done in haste to try to have something operational in time for the visits of BBC and CH4 TV.

One of the original Mk1 Alphas - from 1982.

The Alpha is a product of MacRae Electronics and has no connection with any other products or organisations.




Listen to the Alpha!

Click on the underlined letters below to play the sound.

(Allow up to 90 seconds for the file to download - longer under heavy traffic online).



Whistling - two phrases

Alison, David the producer's girlfriend said, 'Fancy getting to Heaven and still not being able to whistle!'

Here, you will first hear one phrase, which the whistler can't quite manage, followed by another well-known phrase. At the time of the recording I heard the whistling noises and thinking that the system had developed a fault, tried to stop it.



'It is sculptured in Light' followed by 'Take in de Light' or 'Taking delight'



'It's Simon - I love you'

If you listen closely, you may note that the voice has a slight French or Spanish accent and contains emotional overtones of sadness and regret.



'Guess who!' followed by 'Hallo Humphries'

These voices appeared immediately for a first-time user. The whining sound in the background is the Alpha doing its initial tuning in. 'Guess who' is slurred as "Guezzoo" - and note the rapidity of the speech. In the second part a bright female voice calls out'Hallo Humphries.'


That's my body you are over'

This was part of the immediate result for a first time user, and profound skeptic. There are several voices simultaneously but I have now managed to isolate one out to some extent. Spoken with a Scottish accent in which the 'u' sounds are sharpened and over is spelt 'o'er', with the "oe" being pronounced the same as the "oe" in "shoe". Note the tone of protest. One good thing about many Alpha voices is that the emotional tone can be detected.


'Guest me - Guest me'

 New terminology? We have Host computers on the Internet - now we have spirits who wish to be Guested?

Note the slight pleading tone, and the repetition - this repetition was a second utterance of the same thing - not the result of post-recording editing. The speaker said the same thing twice.


'Messenger?' - 'Alec the Messenger'

To try to improve contact I had decided to try using a messenger system - if such existed. So in the first part of the above you hear me say, 'Messenger?' (except that for some peculiar reason - morphing? It comes out as 'Messenjure'). There then follow a few words ('Forget Wilkie') and finally an EVP voice saying, 'Alec the Messenger'.


 'That is ... OK.'

This phrase seemed to be spoken in Gaelic - and on translation into English (Gaelic word order)I am told the meaning would be - 'OK - is that.'




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