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Some photos from the Institute of Noetics Convention in Plainfield, Indiana in July 2001.


At the Convention the Noetics Institute held an unveiling of their new computer system custom designed for EDT work.

The new system was dedicated to pioneers of EVP in the United States, Sarah Estep and Erland Babcock.



The conference group at a dinner hosted by the Institute and the Palmer family. Among those present - center, Sarah Estep; on her right, Dale Palmer head of the Institute; second row, second from the left, Kay Palmer, joint host of the event; Alexander MacRae, Professor Schwartz, Professor Cabral, and in the light-blue jacket, Erland Babcock.



Sarah Estep surrounded by the British TV crew, from the left, Stewart, Sound; Brian, Camera; David, producer.

Their religiously themed program on the subject of EVP was shown in December 2001 on the UK's Channel 4.



Breakfast at Lees Inn; nearest the camera, Sarah Estep; Tom Butler of the AAEVP; Bill Williams, Scoles representative in Toronto. Furthest from the camera, Alexander macRae and Lisa Butler of the AAEVP in ernest discussion; getting their donuts, Erland and Mary Babcock.



Sarah Estep, founder of the AAEVP, with left, Lisa Butler, new joint head of the AAEVP; and right, Becky Estep.



 Erland Babcock

 At Lees Inn, breakfasting before addressing the conference. (The glowing object top left is probably another bright idea!)


 Permission to use these pictures here is gratefully acknowledged as follows, (the copyright of the originators is not affected by this display); group photograph, NI Staff Photographer; all other pictures, Becky Estep.





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