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Laboratory Notebook 16 October 2002-10-16

Doubts about it all

Today, I was really very doubtful about some fundamental aspects of EVP. Morphing - a word I invented in this usage to account for the way in which normal speech can get changed in an EVP environment. Yes, after all these years, after all the time, energy, blind alleys, blasted hopes, betrayals, money draining away ... I was plagued by doubt.

Its not that I wasn't getting good results - at last the results were getting better again.

In the first one below you get the following sequence,

'Go Away!!' followed by another voice as though in response singing" (in a mocking way) 'I love you too!" This is then followed by the first voice saying, 'Goodbye!!' and the second voice replies, 'But it should'n be...'.

So - what is this - a couple of very similar voices opposing each other? A spirit having a conflict with itself? This would not be the first time we have come across a spirit splitting itself - if you remember, in my book, the example of the woman's voice where she was baking a cake and supervising herself doing it at the same time.

Well, holding two opposing views simultaneously is a pretty good definition of doubt - isnt it?

And what is the sub-title for this entry in the Notebook?

After the display of oposition mentioned above, there is my voice saying, 'I have to repeat that', (which is what I said at that point, more or less), and then a new voice saying, 'I saw a scientist', followed by a quick response, 'Me'. I have inserted 0.5second silences to separate one phrase from the next as often they are right on top of each other. Indeed one problem with the Alpha is sometimes TOO MANY voices, often simultaneously, on top of each other in layers. Click on the symbol to play the voices.

, 'Go away ....'

In the next sample an elderly voice says, 'Where's your pass?' You will notice that it ends in a whistle - as though the speaker had ill-fitting dentures.

This was followed by a very English voice stating, (in response?), 'You're on a microphone'. (Note the English 'o' (in 'microphone') which is pronounced closer to a 'u' (as though, "microphoun"). Then, some time later, 'Ricard' (noting the pronunciation which leaves out the final 'd' leaving a 'stop' in its place. (To save on file space I have shortened the interval and substituted 0.5 seconds of silence).

'Where's your Pass? ....'

All the above, however, were almost certainly based on "morphs" - that is my voice saying something normal changed into something else.

In the experiments I had started to talk again, instead of maintaining a silence to permit more exact measurements to be made. And the best voices came from morphs.

Now, to clean up the audio I used 4 or more CoolEdit functions - lets just call them, A, B, C, and D - to avoid long and complicated explanations which would over-run this letter.

That was yesterday. Today I wanted to find out which of these functions A, B, C, or D was making the most contribution to the end result - so I decided to try different orderings - B, A, C, D or D, C, B, A to see where the improvement was coming in - using the same raw audio copied straight off the tape from yesterday.

Trying the various combinations, I then noticed that there was one particular set of functions that were most productive. However, today, instead of 'Where's your pass?" I got the same voice saying, 'Energy crashed'. This made it seem as though the process was introducing some sort of distortion which made the ear hear different things. So - perhaps all EVP was false?

So I decided I will do decisive a series of tests where I talk part of the time and am silent part of the time - and as well as recording the session I will record what I am saying through a stick mic and the little speech recorder.

I used the stick Mic speech as a check. And, as it happened its results were all crystal clear - no morphing. -but then I was using a different mic - the stick one -a different mic - not the old red-sponge covered one that had first picked up EVP for me some 20 years before.

I then listened to the whole session and took out the five 15 minute segments where I was silent - no chance of morphing, just pure Alpha radio-borne audio.

The segments consisted of the following set-ups,

1. Alpha on but no contact to any hand-plate

2. Contact made to LH handplate only, no digital manipulation.

3. Contacts made to RH and LH handplates simultaneously, no digital manipulation.

4. Contacts made to RH and LH handplates simultaneously, but with some recommended manipulation.

5. Old-style board "massaging" of RH board, fixed contact on LH board.

(As you can see, even from the above, there is actually a lot more to an Alpha system and its operation than has ever been set down in writing. Also, only the oldest schematics have ever been released! So - if you hear of someone who made their own Alpha - no. It has never been done).

The results were re-assuring. In segment 3 a voice said, 'Dont give up'. In segment 4 a voice said, 'Dont give in'. But they were poor quality voices. There others much better - and the best segment was 3 - which gets rid of a lot of the artefacts resulting from manipulation, of considerable interest in these experiments as it reduces the processing load.

A sample is given below. A female voice says, 'Sleep with me', this is followed by an older woman's voice, (as, though in response), scolding, 'Stop your "piggilating" or ("piggledy").

I dont know what "piggilating" means, although there is an old word 'pixilating' meaning being led astray by pixies - a species of supernatural being.

'Sleep with me ....'