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5th Dimension Comms

Single Phoneme Verification Test

The phoneme to be verified is highlighted, copied and pasted with two other appropriate phonemes, and tested as a tri-phonemic monosyllabic word, for example in a standard monosyllabic word test list.

For example,

If the phoneme to be tested was thought to be an 'a' - then it could be copied and pasted between the phonemes H and T. To do this, copy the vowel into a new file. Press the Go TO Start symbol. Copy in the 'h' phoneme. Press the Go TO End symbol. Copy in the 'T' phoneme.

Listen to the word.

Have the word tested by being listened to by a number of pre-tested listeners who then write down their responses. The testing of monosyllabic words is a long established practice, even having a Mil. Spec..

If the phoneme to be tested was a 't' for example then it could be placed after an introduced 'T' and 'o', giving a monosyllabic word such as "Tot".

Whichever combination is chosen it should have at least 5 possible options as legal words for 5 variations of that phoneme.

For example, in the second case, that of the presumed 'T'', we could have - Tot, Top, Tock, Tog, Tod, Toss, Toff, Tosh, and Tor,

In the first case, that of the presumed 'a', we could have - Hat, Hit, Hate, Hut, Hoot, Heat, Height, and Hot.

Ideally, the results will be placed into a database and an error analysis carried out, as per 'Confusion matrices' and 'Unilateral Transforms'.

The procedure was tested using the 'o' vowel sound clipped out of the EVP utterance 'Hallo Dollies!"

Standard Phonemes can be downloaded from the Net, but in this case, to save time, the phonemes 'H' and 'T' were extracted from a monosyllabic word spoken by the author - in the Skye accent this tends to be more aspirated than in standard English - but this helps to accentuate the effect.

The 'o' sound was then sandwiched between the 'H' and the 'T' to make a word easily identified as 'HOT'. Click here for the example.  HOT

Allow time for the sound to download and listen to it on headphones if possible.

From this we can definitely say that the 'o' in 'Dollies' is an 'o' as in 'hot'. Help? If it sounds like 'het' your system is "off-true" - try increasing the bass and cutting the treble to compmesate.