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The following utterance was one of 10 recorded in a silent laboratory, screened against both sound and radio waves.


Here is one example of the utterances. They are all very poor and difficult for the untrained listener to understand.


To hear the sounds you should have a sound-card in your PC, a Windows Recorder or similar, and headphones or speakers plugged in to your sound card output socket.


It may take a couple of minutes for the sound file to download - depending on the speed of your PC.


After it has downloaded you may have to click on the "play button" on your virtual recorder.


The sound is best heard using a pair of headphones.


Better examples of EVP are to be heard on the CIS site at



Click Here to Hear

Now choose from the following table which interpretation you think is the best match to what you heard - 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5?

1 She's Italian 2 Be a voyager 3 Stay watchful 4 Fan rotating 5 Try emulsion

To find out if you are right or wrong click on the email link below and write 'Test H' and the number of the interpretation you think is the best match.