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EVP and New Dimensions




Alexander MacRae

















Sanctuary Press




Third Edition 2004

Sanctuary Press



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Copyright 2004 Alexander MacRae All right reserved

Table of Contents


Chapter One

  • Introduction

    What is EVP?






    What do we know for sure about EVP?

    Hearing Voices

    Voices as sources of conflict

    Operators and Things

    Talking to the Voices

    Auditory fatigue

    A Biblical Case?

    TV Documentary about EVP in UK

  • Chapter Two

  • EVP – What it is not

    The Professor's Message

    The Spanish Experiment

    Words and Communication

    The Faraday Cage

    Steady On – Chaps!

    Thirty Years Later

    They are not really voices they just sound like voices

    The Theory

    The Experiment

    Listening Panels and Multiple Choice Tests

    Other Researchers

  • Chapter Three

  • Aloha Hey!


    EVP is Just Sounds in Random Noise

  • Chapter Four

  • EVP – The Four Survivors


  • Chapter Five

  • The Legion et al
  • Chapter Six

  • Trial and Justice
  • Chapter Seven

  • God and religions

    Where are the People of the Past?

  • Chapter Eight

  • What a session is like


    The Essentials

    The Experimental Laboratory

    List of Commonly Used Recorders.

    Session Scripts

    Noise Reduction

    A. Hearing Problems

    B. Listening Problems


    The Monaghan Experiment

  • Chapter Nine

  • EVP Aids

    White Noise (Peter Jones B.Sc.)

    Multi-voicing (Bonner)

    Mush/Sideband Splash (Richard Sheargold)

    The Second Story

    Four Times Around The World

    The Curious Case of the Half Million Dollars

    The Writer and His Art

    Meet Meek in an Altered State

    Herr Doktor Mueller

    I Meet the Meeks on Skye


    The Case of William O'Neill

    EVPMaker (Stefan Bion)

  • Chapter Ten

  • The Way Ahead

    The "Experts"

  • Chapter Eleven

  • Death – the Truth
  • Chapter Twelve

  • Information Space

    Scans, Time Tracks and Episodes of Experience

    Death of Functionality

    Life Everlasting

    Freedom of Belief

    The Basic Law of Information

  • Chapter Thirteen

  • Heaven and Hell


    A Look at the Future

  • Chapter Fourteen

  • Space, Time, and Information

    Spiritual Force

    Reverse Action

    The Nature of Dimensions

    The Vortex

  • Chapter Fifteen

  • The Fall and its Consequences

    The Spinning Sphere

    Seeing the Spin

    The River of Time

    The Hierarchy of Dimensions

    The Video Tape Example


    The Great Way

  • Chapter Sixteen

  • Reversals

    Backward Running Time and Reflections

    Cause and Effect

    Evolution - where its going

    The Honey Trap

    The Way Ahead


    Introductory Course

    Basic Course

    Advanced Laboratory Course

    Advanced Theoretical Course

    Professional Course

    Skyelab 2

    How Do They Do It?

    The Tao of Evolution

    From Voices to Designer Bodies

    Speculation Regarding Possible Consequences

    The Difference

  • Appendix

  • Journal of The Society for Psychic Research

    Journal of Instrumental Trans-Communication

    Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

    Journal of The Society for Psychic Research





    Table of Illustrations

  • The First Alpha Interface System

    O'Brien's Book

    Friedrich Jurgenson and Pope Pius

    Lewis Castle College

    The David Monaghan Productions TV crew at Grianan

    Speakers at the JITC Congress April 2004

    Margaretta Fox

    Kate Fox

    Another way to get to the "Other Side"?

    Filming at the 'Bridal Veil' waterfall on Skye.

    Peter Bander-van Duren with Archbishop H.E. Cardinale

    Three founders of the SPR: Frederick Myers, Edmund Gurney, & Henry Sedgwick. *

    Delegates at the Journal of ITC Congress in Vigo, Spain, in April 2004, photo Carlos Fernandez

    Stefan Bion

    Dr Martinez

    Figure 1

    Figure 2

    Figure 3

    Figure 4

    Rotating a line traces out a disc

    2-D spun, gives 3-D

    Great Kalpa Cycle

    William Thomson, Lord Kelvin

    James Clerk Maxwell

    Sir J.J. Thomson

    Brian Josephson

    Black hole – White Hole

    Black hole/White hole, another view

    The Tunnel as Shown in a Medieval Painting

    Tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad